National fashion or diy

Moda Polska - one of the most iconic Polish brands, often drew inspiration from French trends, which, at the time, was unique when it came to ‘Polish state fashion’.

When they returned home, they were tasked with replicating the styles that had the most potential to fit in on the Polish market, as well as organizing fashion shows to promote their latest collections. Moda Polska collaborated with similar organizations from around the Eastern Bloc, such as Moscow’s GUMU, Bucharest’s ICS Romarta and Prague’s Modniho Odivani. Moda Polska also published its own fashion publication, which they referred to as the Bulletin (Biuletyn). In the 1960s and ’70s, Moda Polska paid a rather hefty fee to join the French

syndicate of fashion designers, which paved the way for its designers to take part in the capital’s haute couture week, as well as granting the company licenses for certain designs. 

Moda Polska’s fashion shows were glittering social events, which were also accompanied by special events like the Carnival Ball at Warsaw’s chicest hotel, the Bristol. Most importantly, they were a source of information about the company’s collections, particularly since they were often recorded and broadcast during the ‘Film Chronicles’ news briefs screened regularly at Poland’s cinemas.